Json-rpc 2.0 + hmac-sha512

I’m trying to connect to an API that uses JSON-RPC 2.0

All calls must contain the following headers:
api-key — your API key;
sign — the query’s serialized body signed by your key’s “secret” according to the HMAC-SHA512 method.

Would I be able to do such a signature in bubble?

FWIW I haven’t had any success with using APIs with hashing algorithms as even if you were to perform the hash function via the javascript to bubble plugin, that places the code client-side, which inherently exposes the secret key.

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I agree with John.

The way to do it is either …

Sponsor the Bubble team to introduce the signing function on server-side functionality, or

Find or create a “trusted host” that holds the secret. Then send the message to this trusted host for signing.

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