JSON Toolkit plugin by Zeroqode 馃О

This is an all-in-one plugin designed to enhance JSON data handling and manipulation. This versatile tool offers four key functionalities: converting key/value pairs into well-structured JSON, extracting values from JSON by key, retrieving all keys from a JSON object, and converting Bubble database objects to JSON format. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy operation for both beginners and advanced users.

Live demo: https://zeroqode-demo-33.bubbleapps.io/json_toolkit


JSON Toolkit | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode


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It looks like a useful plugin.

Am I missing something or the demo is broken (things to json, thing to json, and JSONata)?

Hello @hergin,

We appreciate your message and your interest in our plugins.

Thank you for highlighting this issue to us. :pray:

We have plans to deploy the database to the live version of the app soon, which should resolve this error.

Rest assured, we will notify you promptly once everything is rectified.

Warm regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

Hi @hergin,
Hope you are doing well.

We鈥檝e verified and quickly fixed the plugin live demo page, see it here: https://zeroqode-demo-33.bubbleapps.io/json_toolkit

Feel free to reach out if you have other plugin-related questions. |
Happy Bubbleing and upcoming weekend. :raised_hands:

Regards, :slight_smile:
Zeroqode Support Team.