Zeroqode Tool Box Plugin

Hi everyone!

We are super excited to announce a completely upgraded and overhauled plugin Zeroqode Tool Box! (a free plugin) :tada:

It has been hard work and the result should impress every interested bubbler. What we have put into this box:

:star: Bubble database search - now you can use this plugin to do a quick search through your Bubble database. Use the Search element and its action Get Data From a Search to search for values by a given key from the database and generate a JSON file. With an extended action filter and you can find any information, you need from the database table.

:star: Custom JS - a super convenient tool for anyone who uses its own JS. Place the Custom JS element on the page and use the Run js CustomJS action to initialize your custom JavaScript.
:star: Error Capture - we are constantly searching for solutions to improve our customer service and technical support, thus we hope this tool will help our customers to deliver bug reports in a new convenient way. Place the Error Capture element on your page to capture errors from the console in your app, for further sending them to our investigation hub.

:star: Parse XML - Use Parse XML element to display the XML content into Repeating Group.

:star: Backend JSON/XML parser - send your JSON or XML data to the Backend workflow.

Check out our beautiful demo page:

We really hope this magic box will be useful for you guys! Do not hesitate to express your thoughts and feelings about this. :hugs:

Zeroqode Support Team


This plugin has been great! I use it a lot to run JavaScript in workflows. Canโ€™t wait to see the free update.

Thanks! :grinning: