Json webhook returning with "\" and not characterizing as fields

I’m running an external application: plate recognizer, which recognizes plates and sends webhooks to the bubble, I tested it in other places and it worked perfectly, but here the bubble is arriving incorrectly, without separating the fields, containing several “/” that leave them all the information in one field, does anyone know what this could be?

Can you add detect request header and post the result screenshot?


If you look at the content-type, you can see that is not sent as application/json. So Bubble receive it as url form encoded and parse it according to this header. You may need to do the process in two step of you cannot change the content type of the request.
Receive the JSON as text. Create API Connector that will call another Backend WF and pass the json body to this endpoint. API Connector will have the correct header and JSON will detect the JSON body and should parse (and espace it I guess) the data as JSON

I can change the header, but when I change it to application/json, the bubble just doesn’t receive the webhook, it returns an error: The webhook target is not responding or is unreachable, but I did a test with the webhook.site, it did, however, with empty form values.

You also need to change the raw content because you are sending the json in a parameters (that was the case before in url encoded). Also, you should decode this payload to send a real json correctly encoded