JWPlayer basic plugin

We’re working on a site that relies heavily on JWPlayer, one of the most popular video distribution services / players in the web.

I need a basic plugin that would allow me do to a few things related to playback.

If someone can help me with this, please DM

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If anyone’s familiar with JW Player, would love to talk to you

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Any word on this?

Hey, I’ve since abandoned JW and moved to BunnyCDN. Simple API, great customer service and 10x cheaper. Their video player is also delish.

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Aye aye - does it work with bubble nicely? I’m working on a tiny indie media platform and am on the hunt for a reliable service, that will essentially showcase a “playlist” every week or so. I like JWplayer - and it presently works via IFrame - really what the team is looking for is a scheduling system - think Google Calendar - but for release of a video - any recs? Does Bunny do the trick?

Mighty thank you for the reply - I’m excited that the bubble business seems to be booming

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Hey sorry for the late reply. Bunny does the trick in spades! And about 5x cheaper than JW.