JWT Encoder HS512

I need to send POST request to a endpoint which requires a JSON Web Token (JWT) anyone know how to achieve this server side using a API Workflow?

Encryptions has to be HS512, I thought I got lucky when I cam across the Encoder/Deocoder plug-in but then realized it only support HS256 encryptions.

Any third party api’s which can gegenrate the token?

Found a solution?

Can you provide an example of what you need to encode, please?

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Hi @lottemint.md

I’m trying to create a JWT from Bubble to be used with Nexmo API.

Easy steps? I have a private.key and I tried using an api connector with JWT, but I’m stuck. My understanding is that the JWT must be created on Bubble server. Do we have to create a plugin for each JWT?

curl -X POST https://api.nexmo.com/v1/calls/
-H “Authorization: Bearer \ JWT”
-H “Content-Type: application/json”
-d ‘{
“to”: [{ “type”: “phone”, “number”: “1xxxxxxxxxx”}],
“from”: {“type”: “phone”, “number”: “1xxxxxxxxxx”},
“ncco”: [{
“action”: “talk”,
“voiceName”: “Salli”,
“text”: “What do you get!”


You need to assign that key to your header requests.

Regarding its generation
Let me check a couple of things

Take a look at the attached video, please:

Bubble editor:

Let me know if it is you wanted to achieve. If yes, I’ll publish that plugin.

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Great! I didn’t expected that! :hugs:

Thanks, and yes it sounds to be exactly that.