Keep input value


In my application I have a page where I show random profile and i can search for people by profession or skills whit a input.
After i use the search it show me a list of profile. When i click on a profile i go to the profile page, on the profile page if i do a return page I lose my previous search how to save the data entered in the input?


Hello, my friend! You can achieve this by setting parameters in the URL based on the user’s search query or filter. For example, you can use “?q=searchterm” in the URL. This approach allows the previous page to retain the search results, making it convenient for users to navigate back and view their previous searches.

Thank you for the answer @barzegari.kamran
I successfully sent the parameter to the profile page now when I return I don’t get it.
This means that on my profile page I have to return the parameter stored in the url when I do a return page but I can’t find how to do it.

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