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I have a search results page that, when the user clicks on one of the results, they are taken to another page. I would like to include a link on that page that says “return to search results” where the search parameters from the previous page stay in tact. Any ideas?

Hi there, @calicass83… the ideas that come to mind are consider staying on the same page to show the details of the selected result, use URL parameters, use local storage, or save the search parameters to the database. I’m guessing most folks would go the URL parameters route, so I might head down that path first.

Hope this helps.


Is there a way to send the current page parameters to another page, without including them in the address bar?

Does go to previous page not work? I always thought it’d go to the last visited URL which would include any search parameters.

OMG I never even realized this function existed. I feel like an idiot. That is the solution! Haha. Thank you!

I knew that function existed, but I didn’t think it worked like that. I knew it would return you to the last visited URL, but I didn’t think search parameters that had been selected on the page but not sent via the URL to the new page would stay intact (which now that I have typed it out doesn’t even make sense). Well, learn sumthin’ new every day, eh? Thanks, George!

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