Keyboard Short Cuts

Keyboard shortcuts would be a lifesaver. Drag and drop is a good start, but for highly productive designers, keyboard shortcuts are where it’s add. Sketch does a really good job with their shortcuts, and aligning could really help adoption.

Here are my top 5 shortcuts that would really help:

  1. Group (command + g)
  2. Ungroup (command + u)
  3. Bring to front (control + option + command + up arrow)
  4. Send to back (control + option + command + down arrow)
  5. Grow (command + shift + any arrow)

Hi @pflu0008 :slight_smile: In the editor, you can view the current shortcuts list by going to Help --> Shortcuts List:

Here is the full list:

I agree, Ungroup, Bring to Front and Send to Back would definitely be helpful as well!

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