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What is the short-key for ´'redo''

Undo I know ctrl + z, but I was hoping there is also a short-key or whatever you name it for redo. Right now I have to go there and click it every time, where I would work way faster if I could just use a key-combination.


It’s Command + Shift + Z. :slight_smile:

You´re a legend.

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:joy: Thank you @Timon!

Haha, you have no clue how happy I am with this. Is there a list with those short-keys somewhere? Would be convenient for aligning stuff as well!

Command+Shift+Z is a standard shortcut for redo on Mac. You’ll find other shortcuts here:

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They are life-changers! :slight_smile: In the editor, if you click ‘Help’ then there’s an option to view the Bubble shortcuts list:

I don’t think there are any set up for alignment (that I’m aware of), but that would be super helpful to have!

*Edit: I spoke too soon, CTRL+E will center the element relative to the parent.

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Haha this is so cool, I should have gone after this information a month ago but the hell, this is great!

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