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Keyword ability across multiple fields?

Hello Bubblers, I’m working on a big start-up project and this is my first time using Bubble (about a week into it) so you’ll probably see a good amount of questions from me on here, hopefully they get answered.

  1. How do I make my search function do a keyword search across multiple fields? Do I need a plug-in for this? i.e. searching a database of user news articles by keyword of article body and article title

  2. Additionally, is there a way to have the typical “Search” button (that Bubble has in tutorials) replaced by just the user clicking enter after typing?

Thank you so much,

Hey @spencer.matonis,

Welcome to Bubble!

  1. You can do this with either autocomplete search input or a regular input that then displays results in a repeating group. Let’s say you’re using the latter. When “search” is clicked (or when user hits enter… see #2)… “display list” which is an element action for repeating group. The list to display will be a Search of Articles with a constraint: “any field contains input’s value” which would return all articles whose title/body contain whatever is typed in. There are a few different ways to accomplish this, but this should help you get started and familiarized with searches. Definitely don’t need a plugin; you just want to create the right filter of an Article search to return the entries you want.

  2. Create the search workflow off of the input being changed. “When input’s value is changed > xyz” - you won’t need a button and hitting enter will essentially set the input value entered, which triggers the workflow. Shortcut tip: right-click the input element in the design view and the very bottom of your menu is “edit/start workflow” and it’ll take you directly to this input event.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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