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Relevant search through input

Hello everyone,
I am making a page where user can search things from database, currently I am able to show result of only one database, but what I want is that whatever user types in the input field , that value should be search in all databases and show the relevant result.

Is there anyone who can help me?
Thanks in advance


In order to do this, you’ll need to create separate repeating groups for each data type that you want to be potentially searched.

From there, you can set the data source of each group to constrain itself by the value of the input.

Then, create a condition on each repeating group that says “if [Data Source]:first item is empty” → this element is not visible.

With this set up, you’ll be able to type a term into a search box, and have multiple repeating groups search different data types all at once, only becoming visible if results were found for that data type.

There is a lot that can go into this set up, and this is a very simple and straight forward explanation of how to get started.