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Klarna - European payment provider integration for EC/Maestro cards

Hey Community,

i am currently running my app on Braintree. However in Europe (especially in Germany) we have the issue that quite a number of people do not have Credit Cards. I know this is not a problem in the US, but i guess I loose around 25% of my customers because they can not pay on my website. The paypal integration of Braintree already helps a lot. However I wanted to suggest to integrate an additional payment provider that can handle payments via EC/Maestro Cards.

One example would be Klarna from Sweden which is quite popular in the Startup scene in Germany. However I am also open to other providers here. Are there any other developers who would love to have a EC/Maestro payment option? At the Bubble team: Is the integration of an additional provider an option?

Best regards,


Isn’t possible to use EC - I thought so when playing with it. Maybe I’ve not gone deep enough.

Klarna would be nice (I’m in Sweden). Maybe they have an API that you can hook up yourself?