KreatorTools- Curated directory of tools that allow you to create virtually anything

Hey guys!

I just built a (fun side-project and a) web app that curates all the tools that you can use to learn & build virtually anything- from an application, robot, logo, business cards to whatever else that you can think of and you can sort the list of tools based on your technical expertise or the kind of the stuff you’re looking to create. Yes, this project has been heavily inspired by Elon Musk’s way of educating himself but I feel that this website should be useful especially if you’re an intrinsically motivated maker. I’ve only scratched the surface thus far so expect it to be slightly buggy but updated with time. It would be really helpful if you could let me know what you think about it and share it with the ones whom you feel may find it useful.

Visit Website

Happy building :wink:


Great looking site and cool idea! How many cannot help themselves and push the button? :smirk:

The design looks great, but on my screen it is a bit dark. Perhaps a slight increase in contrast will make it easier on the eyes?

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Ah sure!

I’ll consider that

great collection of resources under one roof @iblunefeedback :+1:

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Very useful! And already found some very interesting tools that I haven’t heard about :slight_smile:

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This would probably do well on ProductHunt

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Glad! I’ve been able to help you out :wink:

Doing tomorrow :wink:

Hi Mohammed!
Nice job :slight_smile: Nice looking website and definitely useful.
I would suggest to change the color of the placeholder in the search bar: black on gray isn’t the most readable for older eyes. Probably the same in the dropdown (although you can highlight when you select one).
Didn’t go through all categories but in “Website”, is there a typo for “SASS” >> SAAS?
Keep up the nice work :+1:

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