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I want ALL of these inside Bubble ;D

See the video in

What you think?

I’m amazed. I think Bubble Design can learn a lot from that!

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Can we use a startup page like BlocsApp and redirect to our Bubble server? or can we do some beautiful stuff like that?

Based on the video, I would respectfully disagree… for the creation I don’t need a tool trying that much to be beautiful. The current balance of bubble seems great to me…

Can you be a little bit more specific? The video is cool, but doesn’t show UI/UX elements much. In terms of what you can build you can certainly build a lot (if not everything), but it’s true our UI is not as polished. It’s a trade off though, spending the time on polishing icons is taken away from the time to build things.

Would love to hear more thoughts here.

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Blocs is just a HTML and CSS editor that don’t need code. Besides some animations, I think all can be done here or in any other ordinary HTML site, like redirects.

@emmanuel I’m sorry I post it in a hurry, I’m still evaluating it - 5 days only free trial :frowning:
When you click the “watch video” you can view the UI better

I liked firsthand that the goal of the tool is to create websites without code. It’s way simpler than create an app, but at that task, it’s pretty impressive. I didn’t have time to see how they handle responsive pages.

Until now I liked:

  • UI - great use of fonts and colors
  • Search elements - instead of the Bubble left menu, it shows a full-screen transparent popup with a search bar
  • The elements options is docked in a right bar.
  • Asset manager - add content to the app, page (easier to find or reuse than searching for files again)
  • Preview animations at page
  • The menu animation has sections
  • Bucket tool
  • Gradient tool looks more photoshopier
  • View pages thumbnails in a grid, like the app dashboard
  • It gives access to CSS classes and etc

Please, don’t get me wrong, I love Bubble, and it’s way beyond anything I could ever imagine on a web browser. It’s not just eye candy, but some features are an improvement to current tools.

I think that in the future an offline editor in Desing mode only would be cool. Maybe a step before we could build native desktop apps too.

@sylvainprivat It’s ok to disagree :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried blocs, but the robust features of bubble (like the API connector) are far more significant than the UI of blocs. I’d rather see Bubble move into mobile than worry about making its interface prettier. The benefits to its users would be far greater.

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Making the interface prettier is probably not going to be the main focus, but if you see some functional elements that you think could be useful and if you can detail a bit that’d be very useful, esp. if we’re talking about quick wins.

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Ok, I’ll do it asap

No rush, but that’s easier for us to use :slight_smile:

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