Lack of plugins?

Hi everyone, as I play around and work more and more with bubble, I’m always feeling like there aren’t enough plugins about simple things… Are there some rules like “If an expensive plugin exists you can’t create a free one that does the same thing ?”
For example, I’ve encountered a lot of difficulties making cookies work, so I just wrote a plugin. It’s not really pretty, but it does the job. Am I allowed to publish it even though there’s already one from Anticode ?
Thanks for reading and keep safe

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Hey Stern,

There’s no rules about which plugins you can publish. If it’s totally broken or seems to have malware in it (sending data to some strange 3rd party server), it may be removed from the market, but if your plugin is function you should be good. There are several plugins for which there are free and paid versions that are very similar, e.g. the offline notification plugins.

Good luck with your plugin building! :slight_smile: