Lack of text in the dropdown

So I have a dropdown that is populating and conducting the search correctly. However, it doesn’t display the text of the options available.

I’ve deleted all privacy rules as well as played around with variations of them for hours. It still won’t display the text. All of the formatting of the dropdown matches other dropdowns that I have and they work just fine in displaying the options.

I don’t have a clue why it’s not working candidly. I feel like I’ve tried everything I possible know lol.

Any ideas?

I should add some context, this is on the back end and only visible to me… so it’s not mission critical to figure out ASAP, but it’s annoyingly taken up way too much of my time from other more important builds.

If you can share screenshot of the dropdown setting it will be easier to help
Also, you can make your app in public view mode and share editor link if possible.
Did you try to run app in debug mode and check the dropdown setting to see which options are loaded or not?

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