Lack of text in dropdown

I have made a dropdown that selects a user. It is supposed to display the users first and last name, but when I run the program to test, the users do not have any text in their individual cells. I can still select any user, but they are all blank. I have tested this on desktop and I still have the same problem.

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That can be tricky to debug unless we have access to the editor, but this would be my first guess.

The first thing I would check is your privacy settings. Make sure those are set up correctly to be able to view what you need to. Do you know where to access the privacy settings?

You may need to change these settings so your user can see what they need. :blush:

This fixed it! But would you mind giving a quick explanation on what each of these do so I’m not messing anything up long term? Thanks so much!

Sure. :blush:

So Privacy settings are important. If you don’t have privacy settings set up, a hacker can gain access to your data and expose it online. So, if you have things that need to be private, you need to make sure the privacy settings are set up correctly for that.

For example, maybe you will have something setup like this:

When the Current User is this User.

Have everything on the user type exposed to them. (Check all of the boxes)


Everyone else

Have nothing exposed to them. (Uncheck every box)

This is just an example to help you understand how it would work. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Yes! Thank you so much I was literally stuck on that bug for 4 hours!

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No problem! Glad it helped. :blush: