Landing Page Aesthetic

Hello everyone! Does anyone know if Video landing pages is possible in Bubble? I want to put a video on my main page with titles hovering above it but cannot figure out how.

Definitely! You can set the page’s background to video…

Hope that helps.

Thank you! it did but now how do I have a landing page and contents below it? similar to this! the top is a video playing and the bottom is wear you can shop


You can create a group with a video background (not the entire page). And then within this group, you can add text…

When I create a group theres no option of having the background video

You’re right, sorry for that! Just in case, have you tried to uplad a video in place of image? Or, an high quality GIF might work too…

other workaround through HTML:

hi there I cant seem to make it work. This is my video link. May you please provide an example on how to combine the codes to make this work. Or If you can, please give me a code that I can copy and paste with this video :slight_smile:

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