Video landing page

How would i make a video landing page such as on mobile version of

Is this just spam/linkbuilding, or is this a real question?

Either way, the mobile homepage of that site is no different from the desktop version of the site. It’s just a nicely responsive page.

Are you talking about having a video background on a page?

yes, is a real question

yes a video background

The background style for page objects has a “video” setting. So make that setting:

There’s a default video linked there. Looks like this in run mode:

So that’s one way. Now, the options there aren’t very robust (in fact, there really aren’t any) – that feature is for classic full page video backgrounds.

If you’re looking for something different you can do it via an HTML element (embed like an iframe), or perhaps one of the video widgets (which you would just put behind other objects on your page and “send to back”) will fit the bill. I’m sure there are many discussions of this type of feature here in the forums.

Oh, and ha ha… we can actually inspect the page you’re asking about and see the .mp4 they are using. So we can just snag that URL and put it in our app:

Now my example page uses that same exact video:

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BTW, that app I point to is ‘anyone can view’ and it was designed to answer another question about an entirely different topic elsewhere in the forums.

I added a /video page that shows a couple of other very simple approaches (both with different options on the styling/visual formatting – I didn’t put any work into this:

  1. Embedding the mp4 in an iframe (using responsive CSS generated by

  2. Using the video.js plugin (if you browse to plugins tab you’ll see I installed it in this app). Documentation for that plugin can be found via its plugin page I suppose (though I’ve seen lots of discussion about this one).

here’s a link to the editor for this page so you can see how I did:

Hope that helps,

thanks Keith

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