Landing Pages in Bubble - how to architect for production sites that require content changes, layout changes, new pages, etc. regularly

With a production application, there’s currently no way to push changes to just a portion of the application. This is a huge constraint in creating or updating landing pages because we can’t push any changes without pushing all changes to our app (including features that are half-complete or completed but not tested, etc.).

As such, what are some good ways to architect landing pages to mitigate this issue? We’ve only come up with 2 ideas:

  • Put all of the content for the page in the database so that we can make content changes on the fly and/or create new pages from the same content on the fly. (but results in slightly slow page loads, and doesn’t allow for layout changes).
  • Create a separate application and put it on a subdomain (e.g., and then link from this page to other pages on your core app with links (but this means links are hardcoded and break when content moves and all of the data we get from users isn’t tracked and consolidated with the data we get from them in our core Bubble app)

Any other solutions we’re missing? Are you guys using Bubble for landing pages or a tool like Unbounce instead?

@sridharan.s Sorry to see you didn’t get any responses. Did you end up trying Unbounce and have feedback on your experience integrating with bubble ?

I am considering it to see if it is more efficient way of plugging in landing pages.

Unbounce works well and can be easily integrated with Bubble by passing any data that’s collected from unbounce into Bubble via URL parameters.

Thank you @sridharan.s for the recommendation ! I will look into it right away.

  1. If it is for landing page performance and SEO you chose Unbounce, have you looked at Cloudfare ? Cloudfare takes existing page makes it load faster. So using that than migrating to Unbounce will be quicker for me.

  2. My site displays lots of dynamic content from mysql and facilitate one click signup directly into my bubble app from my landing page

I will experiment but your input would be appreciated. Would also love to see your landing page.

Thankyou @NigelG I will also explore if contentful can fit my purpose as well.