Last page of a "paged" repeating group

When paginating a repeating group (fixed number of cells) using a custom state/goto page workflow, the last page renders incorrectly.

Example: a repeating group with 10 fixed cells and 28 records renders as follows:

Page 1: displays records 1 - 10 (correct)
Page 2: displays records 11 - 20 (correct)
Page 3 (last page): records 19 - 28 (incorrect)

Page 3 should show records 21 - 28, with 2 blanks at the bottom.

Has anyone discovered a solution to this vexing problem?


It’s intentional according to this: Paging a repeating group

You can use workflow with condition to “Display List” and only show “Items from #21” - means you need to keep track of which page you’re on with a custom state and also calculate which # is the last page so that the action only happens when you go to that page.


This is a lot of work/workarounds for something that should be native in Bubble.

The sorting (a-z), (z-a) doesn’t appear to work on the second repeating group even though it lies within the same group where the sort is being applied in the workflow.

Good one. I’m still on it.

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