Repeating group "On the last page" doesn't work properly in the workflow

Hi there,
There’s something which I’m almost certain that is a bug.
When using the workflow to paginate through a repeating group, and attempting to capture “is on the last page”, it doesn’t do that, but only after another click “next” event.

You can see below two steps. The first is setting “show next” and the second is setting the state for “is the last page”:

You can see the set state for “the last page” is only after “show next”

After the action is complete, you can see two texts:

the “yes” is a text item with “on the last page” (which works fine)
but the “no” is the state as shown above.
The problem is that I can’t do actions on my workflow when it’s on the last page.
Nor does it work when trying to trigger a custom event.

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