Last page of fixed number of cells RG - unexpected results

Fixed number of cells RG with 120 records displaying 25 records per page
Nav controls implemented and working fine

Nav to last page shows unexpected results

Expected results:
Show records 101 - 120 (the remaining records that didn’t display on penultimate page)

Actual results:
Shows records 95 - 120 (the last 25 records)

I have tried to use the :items from, but this still shows 95 - 120 as shown here:
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 5.11.26 AM

Is this expected behavior or a bug? If it is expected (which would be a bit odd and somewhat anti-social), is there a workaround?

This issue was raised ages ago here, but no resolution was posted:

Bumping this one. Anyone got a solution please.

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