Paging a repeating group

Hello all,

Does anyone have an idea how make the current repeating group appear like the below

Also why doesn’t the height automatically adjust to the number of records displayed. For example if i have 1 record and rows are set to 5 then it still shows 5 rows (1 populated and the other 4 empty)

Any ideas!


If you use the repeating group in “Fixed number of cells” you can use some actions to go to the next page, previous page. We won’t show the number of pages and buttons with 1/2/3, but the UX is pretty close.


@AliFarahat. Get the same trouble than you. These missing infos prevented me from using Previous / Next with Fixed number of cells because it’s not that easy to manage.

Right now the only info we have is RG’s List of things: count (number of displayed items).
Can’t we have also ?
A = RG’s all results: count (total query results:count)
B = RG’s first item index (the index number of the first item displayed in the RG)
C = RG’s last item index (the index number of the last item displayed in the RG)

Then it would be easy to know if there are more results to show (A > C ?) or previous results (B > 1)
We also could knew the number of pages needed : A / # items displayed

If for back-end reason you dont want to go through all the results (for exemple you have 1200 results but you only need to display the first 12), having a first result with a maximum of 5 times the number of cells would already give a good idea of the pagination (5 * 12 = 72 items).
A = 72 at first but would be updated step by step clicking on Next.


Yes I agree. I had tried that already and the info above is needed to make that work. Also I noticed the index restarts when the next page is loaded.

Hope a solution can be found

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Also, these info would make “Show more” much more easy in a Full List Mode.

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So we added this action Why don’t you guys play a little bit with it, this combined with a custom state that stores the current page should get you pretty far.


Alright i give this a quick try and its not working like i was expecting. The main issue here that it does not actually go the the page but its scrolls down to the next record while still showing the first pages’s records. Another draw back of using this workaround is determining on which page the current you are viewing is on. I know we can use some-form of custom states to perhaps resolve this but its tricky as it has to work with multiple workflows and conditional formatting. Making it quite difficult to build, maintain and debug.

Take a look at gif below

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well that’s because the list is too short, so we don’t show empty space on the last page. Try with a list with 15 entries.

Thanks for that! But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having the pages?

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Well it’s only for the last page.

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Hi there,

First post here since I started playing with Bubble, and as pagination was one of the things I ran into (and started playing with), I thought I’d share my experience with how I made it work for myself. I know this is a fairly old thread, but I thought I’d at least chip in and share my 2 cents with @AliFarahat and @NicolasDap

As Nicolas mentioned, having the first and last item’s index of the shown items would have been really useful, but to work around not having something like it I used custom states and some workflows. Yes, it’s a lot messier, but it works.

I put what I made together into a different public bubble to be able to show you guys how I did it. Not sure if sharing this will get you access to the bubble editor, but here goes, anyway:

Create persons:

Show persons with pagination:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:



Thanks @Lenex

This is the editor link:


I hope it was useful to you :slight_smile:


Did anyone find out how to show the page numbers?

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See this thread and demo.

Anyone found a way of showing spaces on the last page of returned results… A hacky way or, as this thread is so old, maybe there have been further developments since?

One hacky way that might get us closer, is to tell the repeating group how many blank spaces to show when on the last page. As you are able to calculate, from:

the number of fixed cells in repeating group*((:count of results / the number of cells in your repeating group):ceiling) - :count of results

Maybe better explained by the below excel illustration…

Perhaps i missed something and this is already possible, but if not, hopefully this could be a method or contribution to its solution?

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did you manage to sort this problem?. I find it quite annoying that it doesn’t put blanks at the end.

Has anybody figured out a solution for this problem yet?
The last page of the “paged” repeating group displays an incorrect list of items.