Latency while charging my database

Hi bubblers !
I would like to understand why the loading time of my database is so slow. Is it me who is not using bubble the best or is it a bubble issue?
All my website is really fast, but each time I am looking into my database there is a latency that I would like to remove. The latency goes from :

  • 3 secondes for just a do a search for a list of 5 element in one table of my database
  • to 35 seconde to do a search for list of element in my database ( with filters and restrictions)

To place the context, I just changed my plan on bubble from personal to professional in order to have 2 dedicated servers instead of using the shared one, thinking it would fix my problem but it didn’t changed anything… Meaning I am not going even a second faster.

Here is the page of my app where I am having the problem :

To be honest, I am really disappointed for the first time in bubble : I tried to contact the customer support and they didnt listen to my problem they just told me to buy more servers capacity… but as I told you I just bought 2 new one and it didn’t change a thing so I don’t think the problem is coming from there.

FYI, with the professional plan you can try to add up to 5 servers capacity, I tried it, and it didn’t change anything.

Do you have any idea how I could improve the loading time ?
Am I looking the wrong way into my database or is it a current problem in bubble ?

Thank you for your help bubblers !

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That took an extremely long time to load for me, and I’m on pretty speedy connection very close to the US-East datacenters.

Without seeing how you’ve structured your database, it’ll be hard to tell why it’s so slow. Can you share a link to your app editor?

I agree, Bubble is not the best when it comes to speed especially in databases and loading times. Are you able to clone your app and give us an editor link?

@andrewgassen & @Profamii Yes sure, thank you for your reply ! here is a link to the editor of my app’s clone :

I am not doing much:

Right now, I think the latency is coming from all my filters but I need them… I dont know how to improve it…

I feel your pain. I couldn’t find any ways to maybe help improve the speed of your app. I also have an application that is for students and teachers which is running on Bubble and my biggest nightmare is it going slow or taking a long time to load.