Layout issue is causing me grief!

Does anybody have any clue why this happens:

…in the editor, everything is nice and snug:

…but then when preview, there is an aircraft-carrier of real-estate between my sidebar and the content…

1 thought is the responsiveness. Maybe set a maximum width for your body.

It’s to do with your responsive setting…

As your page is set to responsive, the size of the page, and the size and position of elements on it will stretch and move depending on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on.

You can control and set these in the responsive editor.

It can be a bit tricky to get your head around how it works initially, but once you understand the basics it’s simple enough to control the responsive behaviour of your pages.

Without knowing what your current settings are, or exactly what you’re trying to achieve, I can’t give any specific help, but take a look at the ‘Fixed Margin’ settings for your main groups - your probably want to set them to be fixed to the left edge of the screen, to keep them fixed in relation to your sidebar.

It’s worth spending some time learning how the responsive settings work, otherwise it can be frustrating if you’re just trying to get things to work through trial and error (that said, there is a big over hall of the Responsive editor and the way it works due soon, so maybe don’t invest too much time just yet as it may all be changing fairly soon).


Fixed margin fixed it! Thanks!