Layout TAB missing

I am trying to copy a YouTube tutorial, and in the video there is a “Layout” TAB on the properties box of any element clicked on - it is even present when clicking on the page itself.
However, in my screen, I do not have layout. I have “Appearance”, “Conditional” and “Transition”

Has the TAB been removed since the video was recorded? or is there some setting I need to enable to view this TAB?

Hi there, @mavarik27… the reason you aren’t seeing the Layout tab is because the page you are viewing is on the old responsive engine, and the tutorial you are watching must be on the new engine. When you see this blue dot, it means you are using the old engine.


If you click on the Responsive tab, you will see a button that lets you upgrade to the new responsive engine. Once you have upgraded, you will have access to the Layout tab.



That’s solved it. Thank you for your help and super fast reply!


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