Lazy Load for Images


is there a reason why images are not lazy loaded? Or at least give an option in the image element for native lazy loading.
That would increase page performance enormously if you have a lot of images on your page.

There seems to be an open feature idea on the board for that:

Almost two years old…

Wow, my reply disappeared. Apologies!

haha, I have seen it :wink: (and agree :/)

Little bit shady to remove a critical post but glad you were able to read it before Bubble removed it! Surely we can be critical of genuine issues?

I understand your frustration and desire to share it but that’s not a great idea to jump into every new forum thread and post about opacity bug.

I loved Bubble. Thank you for letting us know that it was removed as it was critical but relevant.

idk the reason (I’m not a moderator), but I’ve seen your message before it was removed. So that’s just my guess.

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Yeah Nigel removed it as he didn’t like the content. He’s not Bubble though so that’s ok.

apart from this “discussion”. What does bubble say about this often requested idea? Should be easy (and optional) to implement.

Still no update on that? A year later…