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Hello everyone,

I am new to bubble and have been building a project. I noticed that when I preview my page which has just 8 image grids, each having an image size less than an mb and they are taking some times to load, so much that it could trick a person into thinking that the page is empty.

Am I missing something ? are bubble with hobby plans in development mode having slower speed? Will I get better load time when I upgrade plan and deploy live?

Can any one please help me?

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There’s a bit of shenanigans with page loading. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, Bubble team.) Basically, on any shared plan, you wait your turn to get your user’s requests fulfilled.

And, right now, I’m creating a hugemongous database so that I can teach you some things about optimizing Bubble load speeds. So, I’m probably sucking all the cpu out of the room. Apologies.

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select a property when true.

Syntax is a bit off… try them in brackets :wink:

Aside the point. I believe @keith is correct though on the shared plans.

Are your images coming from the database, API, or static images? Something to consider as you mentioned your new to Bubble, I’ve seen slower speeds if you tend to have too many plugins.

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Its coming from the database. I dont have any plugin at the moment other than bubble api connector.

Working on an art gallery feature.
User requests to join as a Artist.
User who’s field admin for type user is yes (Admin user) change’s user’s type field to “artist” who is requesting to be an artist.
User who’s field for type user is “artist” now gets access to a dashboard where they upload an artwork.
artwork gets added to data type Art.
Page im loading has a repeating group who’s data source is search for art:items from #1:items until#8.

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Does your setup look similar to this?

I’m loading quite a few of those images on one of my free templates with little to no lag:

looks like its fixed. no more delay.

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