Leafy Maps - Help with markers on page load and Documentation?

Hi all, I need some help with Leafy Maps.

My issue is, I am trying to get a list of markers to show on page load on the map like this, with names and other data related to the location.

But I don’t know how to get the index values of the markers to get them to display on page load, I can do this on click, or on hover using either: “this leafy maps, Marker clicked id” OR “this leafy maps, Marker hover id”

I can get it to work if I manually specify one, like in the image:


But I am unsure how to dynamically set the index ID to reference it.

I don’t seem to be able to find much in the way of documentation (I’ve asked on the this thread: Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)) any links would be helpful

Hello! Try testDynamic expression.
As in testCurrent user name

I know this example makes no sense, but it is just to tell you to use dynamic expressions.

In the future I will have better and consolidated docs :wink:

hmm, I am not entirely sure what you mean.

Workflow: on page load

  • Show custom popup on marker Leafymap A
    ? target marker unique id - This is where the dynamic expression goes and if i leave it empty the marker sits centrally… but how do i open all popups on load of each? not sure… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assistance.

Hi, I am receiving 1 error message in Safari and 4 in Chrome re: Leafy Maps. Here is the error, any help would be much appreciated. Basically the markers are not loading.

Action add list of markers to Leafymap A

The plugin Leafy Maps / action Add list of markers a Leafy map threw the following error: project@https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.5.1/dist/leaflet.js:5:13454
(please report this to the plugin author)