Google Maps Extended (list of markers)


I’ve been trying to find some documentation on the Google Maps Extended plugin but can’t find much on all the various settings etc. I’m playing with it as working on a new app and I don’t quite understand how you add a list of map markers so they all display on the map.

I keep getting the following error which shows in the browser console…

I’m setting a single marker first using current location in the workflow and then trying to set the list like this…

Can anyone suggest anything? Point to any posts containing further info or just tell us what I’m doing wrong? I do have the map loaded before this action is run.

Note to self: FIXED!
Not a problem now, had issues with data.

Could you share your set up? I’m having a hard time with this plug in. I run the the plugin workflows but nothing happens to the map. I also have multiple maps in one page. How does the plugin know which map to modify?

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Hi Cdorozco16,

I’ve actually changed things around now. I decided to swap over to the new Leafy map plugin instead. The main reason was because I kept finding this map would refresh randomly and then loose all markers on the map.

It’s really very good. Each workflow should show you the Element selection dropdown so you select the corresponding element/map from there and the action is run on whatever one you selected.

Which workflow are you running which isn’t working? Do you have your keys setup correctly?

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Ok I realize my mistake. You have to insert this map: image and NOT the Bubble’s traditional map element image

Got it working now after three days :sweat_smile:

Great!, I think we’ve all made mistakes like that!
Glad you got it working :slight_smile:


How did you get Leafy Maps to display a list of markers?

Right now, that functionality isn’t included in the plugin, well at least not an action for it anyway. I’m sure @vini_brito has plans to add at some point though.

What you can do though, is either use the plugin called List Shifter which allows you to pretty much loop a workflow to keep on adding a single marker each time when you feed it a list (I’m not sure how to use that one) OR if you’re familiar with the Toolbox plugin then you can create a JavascriptoBubble workflow loop. If you want to do that and have problems setting it up then let us know and I’ll put up a few screenshots for you.

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Definitely trying that. Thanks for the help!