Leafy maps - how to click on a marker to go to its detail page

I have a list of map markers showing the locations of items. The marker locations are derived from a repeating group of these items. I want the user to click on a marker to navigate to the details page of that item.

I don’t know how to relate the markers to particular items in the repeating group. How should I do this?


I think each marker has an ID value that you can set…that value should be set to the unique ID or the slug, whichever you use on the page for displaying the particular item.

OK, I understand that concept, but I don’t know how I would set the page’s ID to that of the marker?

marker ID is the particular items unique or slug as saved in the database, the page path would be the unique ID or slug of the particular item so long as you have that page set to content type that is the same as the type of items you are displaying on the map