Display google maps extended marker data in popup

Can it be true that there is no way of simply displaying data from the database of a specific marker in a popup when that marker is clicked? I am almost afraid to say a list of markers. Something other no-code apps have as native options, here on bubble we need plugins that don’t even work.

I’ve spent days looking for a solution and saw many users asking for the same thing.

I’m confused.

A map that is a list of objects has displayed pointers the user can click on.

If the user clicks on one of those pointers, you can easily get the unique ID off the row associated with the pointer.

And you can use that unique ID in a pop-up to display whatever data you want, based in that unique ID.

Hi, thank you for the reply

I think you a referring to some kind of repeating group.
This is just a map with multiple markers. When one is clicked, open a popup with data associated with that marker.

And yes you can marker ID in a popup, but nothing else.

So my guess is one would somehow need to send that marker data to that popup, but in workflow
steps when you pick “Display data in a group/popup” this is all you get:


I don’t know the specifics of this plugin, but if the Clicked ID of the market is the Unique ID of the associated Thing:

Add a custom event ‘Do when MapsExtended A’s Marker Clicked ID is not empty’ (every time):

Display data in a Popup - Do a search for X (unique ID = Marker’s Clicked ID):first item
Show popup

I think this might help.

  1. Your list-type map has this event

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 9.08.51 AM

  1. When the user clicks on a map marker, do the following: set a custom state value (I used arg_id) to the value of the marker’s unique ID, then display your popup:

  1. Your popup will do what it needs to do based on the content of your custom state which is the unique ID of the map marker the user clicked.

So for my example, my popup looks like this:

Once you know what the unique ID is of the row/map marker the user selected, you should be able to use that unique ID to get any information it lets you get.

Hope this helps.

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You mean like this?


And there’s also this demo of integrating with a RG.

Thank you for the great idea. So just this way it’s kind of the same thing I got to and then hit a dead end. All I could get was the marker ID, but this way, with a state and using constraints there is a hack-around solution.
Your way works, although I still think there should be an out-of-the-box solution.

For anyone else looking for a solution:

Marker_id in constraint is a custom state
Test ID is my marker ID

Site is currently updating, so I have no idea if that plugin would work.

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