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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Cool. Thank you!

It was weird because I tried it on Windows and had the same issue. Is it a track pad issue? Do I need to plug in a mouse to get it to work?

Also, do you have any instructions on how to save the polygon once it’s drawn on the map? I guess I might be able to do better testing once I can actually draw on the map. :joy:

My goal is to make a bunch of polygons on the map and be able to display them all at once on the map, as well as individually, so I can divide up sections into territories.

This is going to be such a cool feature once I get it working! :blush: Thanks for making this awesome plugin!

On a Mac device, right? (That’s what I got from ‘bootcamped’)

Yeah, I have my computer able to dual boot Windows or Mac OS, I am on a Mac yes. :blush:

Sure, when I get to debug that on a macOs device I’ll let you (and the other interested) know (:

Thank you! You are awesome! Do you know when you think you will have it done? Are we talking next year or a few weeks? :blush:

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Ah, few weeks for sure! And again thank you for the kind words :blush:

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Cool! Eagerly awaiting the update! I will continue working on the project while I wait for an update.

Olá @vini_brito! Parabéns pelo trabalho.

Estou importando via plugin do Airtable uma base de dados. Os campos latitude e longitude estão sendo importados como números.

Porém, quando adiciono a lista de markers no mapa só aparece o primeiro item.

Seguindo o seu exemplo no editor deveria adicionar cada item em state com multiple entries… Mas isso seria inviável porque são muitos dados na base…

O que você acha que eu devo fazer?



Tenta estruturar melhor a forma de puxar e armazenar estes dados (:

I am having this error when I go to one map and then try to go back to a different map:

The plugin Leafy Maps / action Show map on a Leafy map threw the following error: [email protected]://[email protected]/dist/leaflet.js:5:37966 [email protected]://[email protected]/dist/leaflet.js:5:26391 [email protected]://[email protected]/dist/leaflet.js:5:2691 (please report this to the plugin author)

I am not sure how to fix it. Let me know if you need more info. :blush: So far, it looks great. Can’t wait to get this working fully! :raised_hands:

Sorry, I couldn’t get the flow, what exactly is going on? You mean two map elements?
Or using “Show map” twice in the same element?

I will send you a GIF in a PM.

I add mapbox plugin from zeroqocd.

and there is no datasource and more
so how i work with this?

I recommend reaching out directly to them for help on their plugin (:


Hey man amazing plugin!

is it possible to draw multiple routes? my app receives a json with a random number of routes and i’m trying to figure how to do that programmatically, or is not possible to create stadia route requests on lists atm?

Yeah you can already use a plugin like list shifter to do loops and in each iteration create one stadia route.
If you want something else, you can always sponsor it (:
In that case just send me a private message.