Learn how to turn your Bubble app into an Android app!

Hey everyone, it’s me again, from CodeLess Academy!

The most frequent request that I’ve been getting from my users is to release a course on creating an Android app with Bubble. Well, we just added an Android tutorial today! Sign up and learn how to build your Android app using Android Studio!

We’ve also changed our pricing to a subscription model, so that our premium users will get access to new premium content each month! (If you were already a customer, you still have lifetime access to all of your content, including the new Android tutorial!)

In addition, we’ve added a free tutorial on creating a automated scrolling news ticker for use in your apps. The same method can be used to automatically scroll other types of data or information on your user’s screen. And don’t forget about our video tutorial on building an Instagram-style app!

Check it out!


Hello Nate,
I’m trying to export my bubble app on Android using Android Studio to create an apk file but without any success. Therefore I’m really interested about your course but I use a Facebook plugin in order to sign up in my app and I was wondering if it will be a problem or not to generate the android app.

So unfortunately, Facebook login with Bubble isn’t supported right now when it comes to building your own mobile app. For the most part, anything that takes you to another page to authenticate and then brings you back doesn’t integrate well because of the page changes.

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Ok thank you for your answer.

@natedogg, can we use facebook authentication with mobile apps yet? A lot has changed since you wrote this post.

Thank you~

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I can’t say for sure. It very well may be possible with some of the newer features, especially with the API Connector improvements.

I haven’t tried myself, as I’ve been pretty focused on my startup, but it’s definitely something that I plan to investigate.

Got it, thank you~

One of the best courses! Without it, I wouldn’t have both of my Android Apps published. Thanks A LOT! :hamburger:

@natedogg I want to use a one-page app I have built but which uses go-to navigation, I want to simply wrap it in Android and also enable push notifications. Would I be able to d this after your course?`

Thanks in advance!


Hey Timon, sorry for the late response: Haven’t really been on the forum in weeks!

So yes, the course currently covers everything except native push notifications. Planning on adding that at some point, but my main startup has been way too busy for just the two of us that work on it. :sweat_smile:

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Hi natedogg,
Does your course cover ability to do geo-location. I want to build a directory app like Yelp where people can order food. So, I want the ability to have it display nearest businesses to user first. Then have a calendar feature to schedule food pick-up, and payment gateway to pre-pay. I would like to take % of profit on sale. Image upload feature for food vendors to take pics and post with descriptions/pricing of their food items. Testimonials section. Ability for people to favorite their foods. Authentication/user account. Vendor ability to tag their location or type their address as their place of business, or have it move based on where they are located. Messaging, so they can chat with users. I think those would cover the basic features I need to get started.

hi @astralcfw. Could you please guide how to enable location permission and image uploading? in the course offered by codeless academy dosen’t talk about it. Thanks in advance

Hi @natedogg , Is it possible to make an android and IOS app from a single page only and not the whole webapp that is made from bubble? Although I specified which page I want to make an app, it seems to automatically select the index page.