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Learning Bubble - PT Help Needed

Greetings -

I’ve been teaching myself various no-code tools like Bubble and am in the process of building a simple recipe app.

I’m looking for someone that is an expert in that can help me set up various things and solve various problems as they come along.

Some examples:

  • Stripe integration and setup
  • Configuring login/registration and syncing user data to airtable base
  • Possibly more advanced things like creating product features like the ability for users to favorite a recipe and give a rating to a recipe
  • Ability for users to earn “points” when they complete certain actions

Also, a bonus if you are good at UI design and can help make things look nice.

This will be an ongoing project which we will hopefully be building onto over time. And will also want to convert from web app into mobile apps eventually.

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur with 12 years of background in sales/marketing for startups.

Limited budget - paying hourly just for some hours here and there as you are available. But if there is good synergy, there is an opportunity for sweat equity.

Hello CarpMadMan,

I am going to reach out to you via private message. This sounds like an awesome project and I would love to chat with you more about it!


Hey @CarpMadMan,
Funny enough I just built a recipe app as well. I’ll DM you :smiley:

  • Alex

I can help with points 2-4