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Hi, guys!

@hadeelarqbi ,

We are really glad to hear that you like this temple! :pray:
We can certainly help you with this. To access the admin dashboard, please check the documentation here to investigate how to enable it. Currently, the Admin page is read-only for those who didn’t buy the template yet.
After the purchase, you simply remove the Admin button from the index page, and, for instance, you can make a separate login on the Amin page for admin users. You can set the admin rights for certain users in the editor

As for Demo login and Demo Admin, you just remove them as well so the users cannot log in with demo rights.

@blake5 ,
Appreciate for your feedback! That’s very kind of you! :pray:
So, basically, the difficulty of customization depends on the user’s bubble skills and ability to work with the editor.
In this case, the bubble logic behind should be changed, so please investigate carefully the subscription functionality. After exploring the subscription functionality, step by step, replace it with the single product purchasing workflow. We hope that our Payment Processing Integration Course will be helpful to set up the payment integration using the Stripe plugin to make possible purchasing the course as a product.

thanks for your kind words! :pray: We do really strive to create things that will be useful and convenient for the customers.
Actually the plan depends on your scope. You may start with a personal plan and upgrade at any time if it will be necessary.

I’m afraid this template doesn’t have a quiz. Apologies for the inconvenience. Anyway, as all our templates are fully customizable, we suppose you can add it later on. Here are some threads that can be helpful in order to create/add a quiz.

  1. Creating a Quiz with random order options
  2. How to create a "Grader" or Quiz App using Bubble that look/work like this
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cln6eDgN_Ng&feature=youtu.be

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