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New Video Course: Build a marketplace app like AirBnb with Bubble

Hi Bubblers,

I’m very excited to announce the “way too early” version of my course. It’s 10+ hours of video content on how to build a marketplace app like Airbnb using Bubble, Blockspring and Zapier.

You can see all of the details, including a full syllabus at

Here are some of things I teach in the course:

  • Building marketplace functionality
  • Creating a messenger
  • Handling reservations using Stripe
  • Building an advanced search using parameters, different data types and geolocation

I am expanding the content rapidly and am going to be offering other courses soon as you can see on the courses page here:

The AirbnB course is part of the MVP plan, which is $49 monthly for access. Since I’d really like your feedback shaping this course, I’m offering all current Bubble users 20% off for the first three months of membership. Just use the coupon code “cfsforbubble” when checking out (edit: click on the rocket icon under the Subscribe button to see the coupon area)

About me: I’m a developer and startup guy working out of the Twitter building in San Francisco. About a year ago I launched a course on how to “talk the talk” to developers and it did really well. Shortly after, I found Bubble when talking to those students about how to deepen their knowledge. I’ve been building on Bubble since then, and here are the last two things I’ve made:

Look forward to hearing what you think! And since I built the entire Code-Free startup platform on Bubble, happy to answer questions about that too :slight_smile:

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @ZeroqodeSupport or [email protected]


Sounds great. Will sign up tomorrow. My card got declined just now. Just to clarify, you are still adding more courses to the syllabus right!!

Also would you follow the same design / UI like airbnb? I kind of like their style.

Agreed, their style is awesome, I follow a similar UI /design in the course. And yep, I’ll be adding both to the Airbnb syllabus over time and I’ll be adding more courses. On the courses page, there’s even a little comment/upvote section to add what apps you’d like to see next!

Awesome. Will definitely sign up tomorrow.

Hiya. Looks good. Where do I put coupon code in during stripe checkout. Thanks!

Great question! Click the rocket icon under the Subscribe button and it will show you the coupon area.

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Cool. Just signed up. Looks fantastic. Looking forward to making stuff that works, instead of hacking around WP all the time. :wink:


This is awesome!!! Thanks a lot for putting this together, I’m sure many users will find that extremely useful!


As a future request. I would like to add that if first few courses could be free, it would give ordinary users like me an idea on what to expect. It can also act like a course preview.

Hope you do a course on creating a responsive Social Networking site with webrtc integrated.

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I love the idea of this course. However you should think about making courses available on a fixed cost basis as well as on a subscription.


Cannot sign up. see error attached.

Hmm, it seems that your security code is coming up invalid in Stripe. Let me check on that.

Brad, great idea. The reason why I chose subscription over fixed-price to start is that I want the courses to be living + breathing things, growing as Bubble grows (ex. mobile + responsive) and built so that students can come back and continue to learn new things. :slight_smile: But I could offer another option, similar to Udemy, where a certain version of the course could be purchased and then you’d have lifetime access to that version. Excellent feedback.


Just a two day review and I am impressed. For absolute beginners like me. Brent takes the course on an easy start. Cannot wait for the advance lessons. I think a few video lessons creating top sites would make a non coder real pro. Most of the stuff in bubble seems to be about getting the logic right. You know like 'If then else" stuff and of course where and what to click to make that logic work. Bubble seriously has a biiig future. Glad I found it.


One thing I really struggle with is parameters and states. A tutorial on that would be awesome. I just can’t figure them out.


The way I like to think about parameters is it’s like a handoff. You need the page link to first send the parameter (I do this by setting up a link element to send to "URL?id=“Something from database”) and then set up the Bubble page on the other side to receive it using a parent group and setting it to “get parameter from URL’s ID”. Parameters are best used when you need to display different data like listings and want to be able to open many different tabs.

For states, I don’t think you can beat this post: How "State of an Element" feature works exactly?


Also, here’ something fun. The first time I built an AirBnb clone, I recorded the whole thing and turned it into a time-lapse video. You can see it come to life in 3 minutes! Check it out:


Thanks for the link to the post. I still get hung up on the actual step by step of setting up and executing parameters. But this is a great start.

@brentsum Can you tell me about the payment structure in this tutorial. I’m looking for a good tutorial that includes payments. Does yours included payments directly from buyer to seller, or does it go through the marketplace first? Does it include marketplace fees?

I’m specifically looking to learn how a buyer can make a payment to a seller, via a choice of payment options, and the seller can decide if they want to accept the payment.


Hello everyone!

I am new to Bubble, and just completed the first 7 lessons of Brent’s amazing AirBnB course (back to back :). I don’t really know anything about coding, but am slightly familiar with Sketch, and played around with Bubble by myself for most of the day yesterday. After watching Brent’s lessons, and building my own AirBnB clone (not finished yet of course), I have learned SO much that I know I wouldn’t have learned anytime soon through my own trial and error. I’ve been a Skillshare subscriber for a few years to learn Illustrator and Photoshop, and Brent’s teaching style and way of explaining things is one of the best I have ever experienced in comparison to all of my other online learning experiences (I’ve taken over 70 Skillshare classes). Perfect pacing, great way of explaining how to build in Bubble. He is an amazing teacher that really breaks down the thinking processes to adopt when building in Bubble (SO helpful). I feel like I don’t just know more about what to do and look for in Bubble, but I really have a much better handle on the order of building things, and amazing tips on staying organized.

I just feel so fortunate to have found Bubble and The Code-Free Startup, and wanted to write this incase there’s anyone reading this forum feeling a bit stuck like I was yesterday. Brent’s courses are beyond incredibly helpful when starting out and will save a ton of time moving forward. I really think they will help anyone, even if you are not completely new to programming like I am. Thank you so much Brent, CodeFree and Bubble!! :blush: