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I think you need to have some ‘taster’ example video on the front page…


@DaveA, totally agreed. We’ll be sprucing things up as we go. :slight_smile:

Right as always, @fayewatson :tada:


Great work Salar, I am certain this will be well worth the investment for all types of Bubblers!


Can we see samples some how? demo?


Happy to listen to popular requests! We’ll add this in when we get some bandwidth. :blush:

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How much bandwidth do you need, Youtube is free you know :smiley:


Our reference to bandwidth was to work load. :wink:

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We just added a sweet demo!

It’ll walk you step-by-step through the platform as well as give you a 1-minute preview window to watch any video from our Learning Bubble series. (we sped up the process for the GIF below, feel free to take your time!)

Remember, CoBubble is powered by the Bubble community. Thanks to those like @DaveA for requesting!

So the subscription is a one time subscription? i only have to pay for it once and have access to all the videos including future videos? and if i pay before the 4th of Feb i can get 50% off that is pay $229 instead of $279?

You got it. :slight_smile:

Great @iamsalar
Another confirmation please, now about the continued support, the hourly one-on-one sessions? does this mean that once i have paid for my (lifetime) subscription for any project that i will be undertaking i get one-on-one sessions?

Great question, @evatindi! CoBubble Sessions have been offered for months now - we’ve worked with hundreds of Bubblers so far! Sessions will continue to be offered for $40 per hour and still feature refunds for any unused minutes. Since we’re focused on generating great material needed in the community needs, only your first session is included in your enrolment fees. You can easily book sessions directly from your dashboard which now feature more time slots! :clock1:

Very cool! Congratulations :slight_smile:

@iamsalar is extremely knowledgeable, I’m so happy he’s provided such an in-depth tool for the community to learn from.


New Series: Authentication, Social Logins and Referrals

Understand the logic behind user authentication including logins, signups and password resetting; speed up the authentication process by authenticating with popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter; make use of your signup flow to promote growth through referrals systems.

Thanks to people like @gf_wolfer, @supernaturally and @skylershelton for their kind words! :yum:

I like it. Where are course descriptions? And prices?

What are we getting exactly?

What are the benefits of each course or the deliverables?

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I remember you had mentioned something in another thread about teaching integration of managed Stripe account payouts (i.e. Stripe Connect). Is this what the “marketplaces” category is reffering to?

Great questions asked above, here’s some clarifying words and thoughts:

’Series’ is the term we chose to call our courses. Every series if made up of videos that often do not follow a successive pattern like courses. We did this so you can search up a video from your dashboard and pop right over to the video so you can watch just what you need to. This catalog will be grown and curated based on material needed by the community. We also don’t plan to be the only content creators either; there’s a few Bubblers we’re already working with which means another dimension of insight and content. For every new series, we’ll post a brief here and notify students who opted-in to be notified. Trust us, there’s a lot more to series than just names; we cover some concepts like RESTful APIs across multiple series!

The $279 enrolment fee is one-time and grants you life-time access. We spent a while pricing this out, but it really came down to three things: value, contribution and support. Our dream is to provide Bubblers, beginner to advanced, with content they can extract value from. There’s a few series on our roadmap that haven’t been offered to the community before, ever. (like Managed Accounts which is covered partially in Marketplaces and in-detail in Direct Transfers, for people like @supernaturally who are interested) Some of the contributors of this course are other members of this forum, directly or indirectly, so we took note of everyone who helped so we can repay them for their efforts. Additionally, we want to promote the growth of the Bubble community which is why we chose to give back as well. We also partnered with a few services that’ll give you a discount for coming through us too, so your enrolment funds us that way as well.

Regardless of your Bubble experience, this platform is for you. We felt the community needed an affordable resource with relevant information. As noted in the original post, we want to see more Bubblers tough out the learning curve. I think it’s time we standardized a course/platform/resource that every member should have in their no-code arsenal. Don’t forget, not everyone knows services like Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Twilio and more exist to ease their development and extend their products, so you’ll learn about how to make the best of those even if you weren’t aware before. Education really is a wealth of knowledge, and not to sound cliche, but we’re just getting started.

TL;DR: Great questions, one-time payment, life-time access, unlimited benefits, just getting started. :sunglasses:

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Are all of the courses available for 297?

The course is $279 and yes, does include everything! Check out these quotes right from above:

Keep Bubbling!