Leave / unfocus input filed


A user puts in a text into an input field (and the focus is in this input field). After a certain amount of time there is no possibility to input data anymore and I hide or disable the input field and want to show the user the input in a text field.

Dependent of the length of the input I want to show two different texts. However, the calculation of the length of the input text just works when the user clicks to any other object and unfocuses the input field. Is there any workaround to automatically unfocus the input field (also reset relevant input don’t work).

For the 1st part, you can use Do when a condition is True workflow / Do every 5 Seconds workflow, and use in association with custom states.

Thanks. But the most critical part for me is the unfocus of the input box.

Does someone have any ideas?

I had this issue when I open a popup with a text input, if it can help someone I found a solution:

  • create a group around the input
  • set a yes/no state to this group
  • make the input disabled
  • make a condition for this input: when group’s state is yes, make it not disabled
  • make a workflow: when the group is clicked, set it’s state at “yes”, then focus on the input
  • bonus, make another workflow: when the popup is closed, set group’s state at “no”