How to trigger actions when an input is blur (focusout)

I found a sequence who works but very ugly.

Design side:
– In the input appearance:
- Disable the auto-binding
- This element is not visible on page load

– In the Input conditional:
- When “This input is focused”
This element is visible

Workflow side:
– When <an_element> is clicked (button, text div, …)
- toggle the input
- focus the input
- set state FOCUS to “yes”
- set state SEQUENCE to “yes”

[Design side conditional]

– When condition is true ( run this every time, only when the input isn’t visible)
- set state FOCUS to “no”

– When condition is true (run this every time, only when FOCUS is “no” and SEQUENCE is “yes”)
- trigger the actions

I will try to custom a plugin unless someone has something is better

I found a simpler method that works well for me:

  1. Set 2 states on the input element:
  • first_clicked (yes/no, default=no)
  • click_away (yes/no, default=no)
  1. Set 2 workflows “Do when a condition is true” like so:
  • When input element is focused is “yes”, set first_clicked = yes
  • When input element is focused is “no” AND first_clicked is “yes”, set click_away = yes

The click_away state now tells you whether the user has clicked away / focusout from the input.

Sorry for repring this question 4 years ago.

I’d like to do this. But I coudn’t find and change custom state from “Select a property to change when true” on Conditional.

How can I do?

Hi @nakano_satoko :wave:

It means you have to write this workflows in the “Workflow” tab of your editor
See images below
Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 10.31.40

When Input is focused…

When input isn’t focused…

Thanks, @anthony.viel . I really appreciate your response.

I didn’t know and have never used that “Do when conditional is true” on Workflow.

I could do that you teach. But I want to use this on Repeating grope. It dosen’t show drop-down list at “Only when”.

Do you knouw how can we do?

That is super helpful, but for some reason, I’m not seeing “is focused” as an option for my inputs. Is this enabled somewhere else, or did the app change it?

Here are the options I see for Do When Condition is True:

Hi @johndurso :wave:
First go to your “Input project Name” element
Then go to conditional tab & create a expression like this :point_down: copy & paste it in your workflow…

Hope it helps :+1:


Thanks! Ha, never would have guessed that.