Let me build your Bubble project

Hey guys, if you have a Bubble project that you want to build, drop me a DM, I’m willing to build it from A-Z free of charge.

There’s a few catch:

  1. The project mist be at least fairly complex
  2. You must have a detailed feature requirements and design layouts.
  3. And you allow me to host the finished project on my portfolio.

Best of luck!


I really like this attitude! Best of luck, I think this is the best way to get experience


Contact me at mvcunha425@gmail.com


I started building my app but getting very frustrated as I can’t figure out how to do the function I want and can’t move on. Will you be open to giving insights?

DM me with the functionality you’re trying to build.

Hi! Where can I DM you?


I think it will be good if the app owner subscribes for one year at least so you can work on real projects and add real projects to your portfolio

I have now made a post about it How to add data to database with many fields and add to the list of custom state with a state as a data that has many fields at the same time

Thanks so much!