I will help and/or do a small demo of your app for free

Hey guys, my startup dream started a year ago with Bubble. Since then, I have learned how to use Bubble at a high level. I am still working on my own startup, but due to COVID 19, I am quickly running out of funds to keep my business afloat. So I have an idea. I will build any of your app idea for 100% free of charge to prove that I have the skill set to help people build their websites. Submit your ideas below, and I will make a demo page for it and add it into my portfolio in this thread. Afterwards, if you would like to hire me for additional work, you could, if not, you don’t lose anything. Attached below are a few screenshots of my own Bubble app that I have been working on for a year.

UPDATE: As I’ve told some people, i’m getting a ton of requests, and while all of them are doable, I can’t help everyone, at least not in a short amount of time. Please be patient! With that said, I’m always down to hear more great ideas!


hi fellow, how are you? I really liked your attitude, the world needs a person like you, how about you work on this project with me and arrange later! I will pass the information on your PM

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Send it my way!

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I hope you’re doing well. I’m in!

What do you have in mind?

Heya, I’ve been super busy but I’ve had an idea for an application. I need someone to create the application;

This application will allow users to sign in to their Twitter account, add a link into an input, preview selected video from YouTube or other video sharing platform, add it to a review list, search our Twitter followers to see if the signed-in user is following us (if not automatically remove the feature video request), one approved to submit the video into a “schedule” to be posted (Only one feature video a day, chosen at random from the list of approved) along with the post saying "Today feature video comes from [requested username]! [link] " We’re doing this to kind of fill the void until we finish our video sharing platform. If you have any questions please let me know. :smiley:

Also, love the screenshots of your project, it looks amazing.

Hi, is there a way that I can connect with you to further discuss? What’s your email?

I’ll pm you

Great, my post has finally been approved!
Here’s my email dahouet@ymail.com, where can I contact you in private message? I’m new to this forum, so I’m still trying to figure things out…
I will send you what I need my MVP to be.
Here is my test site to give you an idea: www.moabgroup.wordpress.com
Thank you very much and stay safe.

Not sure how to do a PM on here. But I am interested in working with you.
Can you send me a PM or show me how to do it. We need some help with a nice project.
my email is sailchaz@gmail.com

Good designs. Contact me aju.geo at gmail dot com
i have an ongoing project for you

Hi Nguyen. Are you located in Vietnam? Vietnam doesn’t have any Covid-1 and country is running smoothly as ever apart from the hospitality industry. Congratulations to your country’s efforts to be rid of it.