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Let the user create a new element - educational game


I would like give the user the possibility to add a new element by clicking a bottom (for a education game).

Something like: click here to add a new shape.

I suppose this was possible by trigger a event, but i could not find any event that can create, after a action (click in a bottom), a new element.

Many thanks


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I asked @emmanuel about this a month or two ago and he said Bubble can’t support dynamically creating new elements.

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While you cannot create shapes dynamically, an alternative would he to place a bunch of preset shapes on the screen bur hide them.When that button is clicked you can show a nee shape.

Im not sure the details of your apps so I apologize if this wasn’t helpful.

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Another way to do this is to use a canvas for SVG and then you can create shapes on it.


Create an icon font at fontello that has all the shapes you design/choose.
Text objects are easier to manipulate.


@nic0519 recommendation is the best for a non-code approach. @emmanuel is this possible to do using the custom element builder? It’s not intuitive to me that you can, but I’d like to be pleasantly surprised =).

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Is each shape the same and does each go in a specific spot? What kind of game is this? Is this a matching game like mahjong? Possibly tic-tac-toe?

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Thank you very much, all of you for the tips. I´m trying to test all of this,
The main issue for a NO CODE person using turn around is to loose the functionalities of the elements that is very easy to understand.

The main objective of this game is to make a hierarchical tree of arguments where the user can drag and drop boxes into this tree, Is quite hard to explain, but if you have patience take a look in this ppt here

page 18 has a animation simulating the game, is better to view in powerpoint

Now that was a thrilling read.

Have you looked into visualization apis? Something like It will be exponentially easier to integrate. Use bubble for the logic and mind42 to present it. Throw in a good language API and that app will be beyond awesome.

You’re going to run into the physical limitations of the screen pretty quickly anyway. So either you’ll only ever work with a small number of graphics, which you can create ahead of time, or you’ll have to represent the tree in a scrollable format.

If it’s the former, you can just create the small number of graphics and show/hide/drag them around.

If it’s the latter, you can probably represent the tree using a parent/child table and display them in nested repeating groups. The levels of nesting would be limited by the screen size anyway, so you could just nest several repeating groups and tell people they can only go to a certain depth.

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