Create a new image every time a button is clicked

Hey everyone,

I am relatively new to Bubble and for a game interface I wanted to create a dragable image every time the “create car” button is pressed. The idea is to press the “create car button” and a car image appears in the lower left corner. Then I can drop the car anywhere on the page. When I want to create another car I press the button again and a new car which I can drag across the screen will appear.

I do not want to have a work around and create a multitude of hidden images. I tried working with a repeatable group but I couldn’t make it work either (probs because I lack sufficient knowledge). Does anyone have an idea how to solve this or whether there is a plugin available for this?

Thank zou very much in advance for your help.

Hello, it seems that it is better to use reusable element or floating group or a combination of both.

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