Letting users import small amounts of data

My potential clients have a small list of items that need to be entered into the database and be associated with them. Each list may have up 90 items with a total of maybe 5 lists.

Since I will be trying to win clients over from their own systems and spreadsheets, if they have to enter each item manually, this would be an important ‘barrier to entry’ issue for them.

Is there such feature in bubble?

You can import a CSV file to handle such migrations.

They (users) can do that? Or I have to do it?

I believe there’s a way for users to upload data. I haven’t tried it myself but I think I came across a post some time ago about it.

Yeah, your users can upload CSV files now. You map fields and there are a few restrictions (paid plan only, 100 rows per upload). Might be what you need. See below.



@1danielbaker @romanmg @Scott thank you…

After implementing this successfully I have an important question:

As you know, you have to ask the user to upload CVS file. Where does this file end up at? Is it deleted after use?

… Since I don’t need to store the file in a record for this to work.

If I check mark the Private in the upload element, this does not work. Not sure what is happening here.

I am pretty sure the files you upload (the .CSV itself) is the file being marked as private, which should work (limit access if not logged in as the user that uploaded the CSV). If you wish for the resulting fields to be private from searches etc, this will have be be handled in the Data Privacy tab.

I am just wandering where does the file end at since I am not saving the file. I am just using the file IMPORT the information into table (which are already is private). No problem there.

Additionally, if I try to set the file to PRIVATE, it does not IMPORT the records.

You may need to add an additional workflow event when the user interacts with your app. For instance, you may need two workflows: one for importing the CSV and another for uploading the CSV document. It may be possible to do this in one event but that depends on how technical you want to get.

I guess my followup question was not understood. Since the uploaded file is not saved to any field, and it is only used for import its data into other fields. My question is: What happens to the file itself?

I want to know that it is not accessible to anyone else.