Importing CSV file to Bubble database

I am looking to import a CSV file that the user selects from their computer to a Bubble database. I know there is a CSV import, but it’s limited to 200 (depending on your plan) records. I cannot impose this limit on users. While the files are likely 50-500 lines at most, this makes the built-in CSV Import useless. SO, I need help determining if there is another way to do this. I am hearing the Data API. But unclear how this would be done. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

There’s no help for this. As you note, your plan controls how large of a csv your users can upload. “That’s all,” as they say.

NOW, you want to find another workaround? OK: Go build an API that does this. (Lets a user upload a csv file, parses it, and then pervs Bubble.) You can do that. But is it worth your time?

Yes this is probably the best solution. Download the csv file (as file) by the user, then run a Schedule API in a loop on their file, extracting line by line the csv contents and put it in desired fields. No more limitation of plans (200 or 1000) : they keep that low for the old Bubble system, but now, no reason to have limitation.

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