Lightweight Data Type for Searching for Users?

Hi. Social Media App guy here again.

My Data Type of Users has a lot of fields, like 25+ fields and they range from different things such as lists of preferences, lists of who the users follows, lists of who the user has blocked, etc.

Would it be beneficial to create a new data type, called lightweight-users that only has 5 fields?

Profile Pic
Cover Photo
Heavyweight User

If I perform searches would that make it easier on bubble, as bubble would only need to display 4 easy fields?

Will bubble spend time needlessly looking inside of the “heavyweight User” field?

Heavyweight User is important because it links the lightweight user type to an actual user.

I imagine it would also allow me to perform workflows such as "make changes to: this lightweight users: “heavyweight User”

Does that make sense? Bubble would then need to load up the data of the heavyweight User, but it’s moreso on a need-basis and would keep bubble from loading meaningless data that the user will never interact with.

Yes it does. I have the same. Light user and then a user_profile, user_photo, user_chat etc. You get the point.

If you do a search for each and every field is fetched so keep it light is better.

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