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Best field to search for

Hi. If we search for a User data, one field, and User has 50 fields, different types; from text and number to list of users and posts, but also yes/no, and let’s say more or less any other data type.

What would be quickest data to search, for example we have 500 users, and gonna to use a Search for (Data source) to find a unique user; what would be data to choose?

We have (clean) slug, first name, full name, email, yes/no, Unique ID, etc

50 fields is a lot! Problem is scaling issues won’t be obvious till you reach 1000s upon 1000s of users.
Check out this thread:

Let’s say you have User with list of Posts, instead of searching for Users’ list of Posts where Post contains certain text you’d search for Posts containing certain text and Posts’ User is Current User

So you would add a User field to the Post type and eliminate the lists of Posts altogether on the User type. Ideally you’d eliminate all lists on the User type



This was really good! Brought a quite of clarification!

Will definitely take of some burden from “My users” :slight_smile:

To start wrap up the thread, and as we now have, lets say; 10 fields of user.

First name, Last name, Full name, Profile photo, Yes/no, Number field, (clean) slug, and few more different fields that includes the Unique ID;

What field would be the best to search for, when Searching for an unique User?

Slug, due to uniqueness - while being shorter then Unique ID, whereas first name, last name and an even full name might have duplicates, or there is something else to build upon the search?

Followed up question and possible solution to my 50 User data fields would be to make it around 10, and create a profile field that is connected to each user - a profile field that contains the rest of the fields from those 50 at the first place?

While from both places moving lists of data to those data types of the lists, e.g. data of a posts will contain User field where will be a connection of which User - Post is?

It might help to list out an example scenario of what exactly would identify a unique user.

Haven’t used slugs so can’t help you there.

But maybe “do search for post: sort by creation date: first item’s user” would give you the user who created the most recent post.

Also the user’s email field most likely will be unique since users cannot sign up with the same email, correct?

So every time a post is created, do not rely on the Creator field — instead create an additional User field in the Post type and assign the User to Current user

Create new Thing (Post) → text = input field , User = Current User

As mentioned in the other thread, this is due to the fact that you have may to modify the Post’s User , whereas the Creator field cannot be modifed

Thanks for your replies!

Unfortunately the question is far beyond what you provided reference to.

Maybe my questions are not clear above, and/or someone else can provide an answer?

If we have 1000 or 10 000 users, and each having different data type, multiple unique text fields (e.g. slug, email, unique id), then number data field (from one number, to multiple digits number), then yes/no, etc…

Basically what ever data field type is possible to have on Bubble.

Which field is the best to search for, if you want to find a unique user, with that unique data field entry? (If you have 1 000 or 10 000, or even more users)

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